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Hi, I’m Javier (pronounced Havier). I was born in Mexico City, but now I live in Canada. I’m happily married, have a wonderful son and two beautiful dogs. I love photography, traveling, extreme sports, off-roading, nature and helping others.

My passion for photography made me move to Canada to study at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). I’ve been behind the camera since 2007 and have understood that, besides taking photos of my trips, I love capturing people and their emotions. I know that the best photos come when people are having fun, therefore my approach to photography is stress free.


I’ve always been very to committed to the idea that we should give back to our community. Beside helping charities with their photography needs, I have committed to these projects:

Help Portrait

In 2009, I decided to bring to Edmonton an event created by photographer Jeremy Cowart called Help Portrait. A perfect way to give back to the community as a photographer. In December, photographers around the world grab their cameras, find people in need and take their picture. When the prints are ready, the photographs get delivered.

Game Changers

Game-Changers is a community based organization that recognizes the everyday champions around us that make our world great. We focus on telling the stories of those people who normally would not be recognized for their work, to provide inspiration and role models for Game-Changers and other everyday people in our world alike.


I had the chance to shoot a marketing campaign to promote Endometriosis awareness. This was a very important project for me to shoot since one of my best friends was diagnosed with Endo years ago. When she looked for more information and support, she realized that there wasn’t enough, so she started an online magazine, Endo Vive Plena, and recently a Latin American Association, AI-Endo. The campaign now is being used to create awareness in hospitals and universities in several countries in Latin America, that’s why the posters are in Spanish, but it’s being translated to Portuguese and English.

Junior Achievement

I was very happy to shoot some of the most talented JA students for their marketing campaign. After taking the photos, I had the chance to design all sort of materials, from posters to power point templates. I really love the way JA empowers students to become the best they can be. They have entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness programs from grade 3 to grade 12. If you want to volunteer for them or simply learn more, visit their website www.janorthalberta.org


2012 – NAIT – Top 50 alumni of all times

2011 – AACTI – Provincial Awards Celebrating Excellence

2011 – Avenue Edmonton – Top 40 under 40

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